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Our story

Devicedesk was formed when long-time colleagues got together to build a software platform based on shared experiences within the IT industry. Originally pitched as an ‘online shopping portal for IT departments’, Devicedesk went on to find its market-fit in automating the B2B buying/selling experience for some of Australia’s most well-known companies.

“As IT customers, we experienced the pain of ordering business products in contrast with the consumer world. We thought, there must be a more effective way to engage with our IT suppliers when it comes to ordering products and managing service requests. We created Devicedesk to revolutionise the ordering experience for the B2B customer.”

The team

Greg Rudakov
Founder and CEO
Neeti Kulhar
Product Manager
Andrei Jerez
Customer Success Manager
Grantley Day
Engineering Lead
Ming Tan
Software Engineer
Dana Nankin
Product Administrator
Stephen Rudakov
Head of Partnerships and Alliances
Astha Arya
Software Engineer