CatalogIQ: A value-add for resellers, system integrators and managed service providers

CATALOGIQ Simplifies End-User Computing

Managed service provision, system integration and end-user-computing (EUC) is no longer just about resellers, managing laptops and desktops. Ever-shrinking margins mean that you need to be more efficient – and creative – in the services you provide.

How do you better integrate client users into the new world of IT, increase the productivity of your clients’ businesses and save both you and your client cost, thereby differentiating yourself further from your competitors?

CatalogIQ simplifies EUC. It is the next generation IT service catalogue. CatalogIQ is a self-service portal that replaces your tired, old client interface with something powerful and intuitive. Clients get a familiar, easy-to-use online shopping experience.

The product vision came from our own experiences as IT and Service Delivery Managers, implementing various service management tools into organisations over the past six years. We have been through this journey a number of times, each time engaging consultants – at a considerable cost to our organisation – to build the same front-end systems for our service management tool. There was nothing ready-made on the market that we could simply implement. So instead of continuing this pattern, we decided to build a better product ourselves.

Here’s a Quick Overview

CatalogIQ is an enterprise catalogue platform, for IT services, software and devices, which draws inspiration from the best consumer online experiences and brings them into the enterprise.

  • It’s enterprise choice management at its best.

  • CatalogIQ changes the face of IT - the focus is on users and their experience.
  • Creating the best end-user experience is key; your managed service is more streamlined, more beautiful, and more appreciated.
  • We have thousands of devices (PCs, laptops, phones etc.) pre-configured in our master catalogue, so it’s only a few clicks to create a customised catalogue for your client. Software and services are also easily added to your unique catalogue.
  • Clients can keep their current ITIL based service management platform in place. Integration is ridiculously simple.