Autumn 2017 Release Announcement

We've been working hard over the summer to bring our customers a range of new features, here's an overview of what CatalogIQ customers are already getting benefit from.

Introducing Quotes

CatalogIQ now has the ability to produce and manage quotes for all those times an end user wants to price something but may not be ready to place an order there and then. Quotes can be saved and managed, with expiry and validity periods. It goes hand-in-hand with our checkout improvements below.

Checkout Improvements

To make life easier for our end users, we have simplified the checkout process so that it is configurable by customer. For example, if you have a customer that can supply you with a detailed purchase order document, you can remove unnecessary steps such as ‘Payment Details’ from the checkout process making the ordering process simpler and more effective.

Impersonating Users

From the back end management console, administrators can now log in as end users to validate that they can see the right products and categories. This a great way for making sure that any changes you have made are working as expected without requiring anyone to share sensitive login details.

 Order API

The Order API has been extended to list all the details you could ever need about an order plus allows you update the status of orders in line with downstream processes. Look out for a future blog detailing how the Order API can be used to integrate with just about anything.

Most Requested Items

We've enhanced the intelligence behind the the most requested items page so that customers will login and see the most relevant items for them.

If you're an MSP, IT reseller or service provider and would like a personalised demo of what CatalogIQ could be doing for your business contact us today.