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Amazing customer experience starts with great employee experience.

Intra-team communications aren’t as easy as swinging your chair around anymore. People are more available but not necessarily simultaneously, and new process queues are created. If solutions to these emerging complexities aren’t intuitive and easy, employee experience drops and customer experience follows. B2B vendors must embrace flexible working environments and improve employee experience in lock step with customer experience or risk losing staff and customers. Devicedesk is an overlay platform that moves information and instructions between your backend people, processes and systems and your customer facing ones, removing the friction that comes from people not being in the same location. Employees don’t have to learn a new system or change how they work either. Devicedesk sits behind your current systems to support your people in doing their best work.

Open up the lines of communication.

Remove the stress and frustration that comes from delays in information exchange. Devicedesk enables multi-way communication, in real-time, between buyers, fulfillers, management and systems to keep information flowing and people enabled to execute with confidence.

Do it your way.

Make user acceptance issues a thing of the past by fitting the platform to you, not the other way around. High configurability and interoperability mean that business logic can be incorporated into automated workflows that replicate how your people and processes work!

The catalogue of your dreams.

No more catalogue management pain! Intuitive and easy catalogue management lifts the experience for catalogue management staff. Easily search and filter based on attributes (by price, availability, category, type etc.) and bulk import/export of items in various formats – CSV, JSON etc.

Just like magic.

Make work more meaningful by removing low-impact tasks like manual data correction. Data sync processes remove data management pain by automatically checking for updates and correcting outdated information. Things like catalogue item information can be managed or stored in another system but presented accurately via Devicedesk without requiring manual checks and updates. This also increases data accuracy and enables correct task execution.

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