The Software

The Ultimate Order and Fulfilment Software

Devicedesk is an automated customer self-service portal for ordering products and fulfilling service requests.

As an order management portal, Devicedesk aligns your IT strategy with your business strategy, by automating manual business processes, allowing for greater productivity. We specialise in building Business-to-Business (B2B) commerce websites which provide a streamlined and superior online experience for your customers. 


Self-service experience

Designed for B2B commerce

Integrates with existing systems

Devicedesk gives you the capability to quickly publish catalogues, manage pricing and quotes, track and fulfil orders and service requests. All whilst integrating with almost any other system, all delivered from the cloud.

Your own automated self-service portal

Complex products and services become a breeze to order when using Devicedesk. The software makes the process of requesting something from a supplier as simple as possible.


We specialise in some of the best business systems available and have built the integration connectors, so this system will talk to other systems properly and smoothly.


Once you have successfully implemented Devicedesk, you will have more time to check the data analytics capability. This will show you everything you need to know about the orders, giving you peace of mind that your ordering portal is running efficiently.

Handling orders is at the core of what we do. Devicedesk makes the process of requesting something from a supplier as simple as possible. An order is anything that someone needs – it could be;

  • a quote to supply new laptops for an upcoming project,
  • a purchase order to stock up on spare accessories, or even;
  • a request form for a technical task to be completed

Taking an order is not enough however, there’s much more to it. Once we know what someone wants, we now need to kick off a process to deliver that request. Anytime someone is manually involved in the process it adds delay, cost and the risk of error.

Devicedesk ensures that everything that goes in, is ready for action without follow up or clarification. And if things need to be entered into or pulled from other systems we’ll ensure that process is completed timely and efficiently.

We love integration. It’s our favourite part of the job. When you get systems talking to other systems properly everything runs that much smoother. Yes, there’s always work in getting things connected but we have already built connectors and specialise in some of the best business systems available.

When things are automated, you can use your time to review and reflect. Our data analytics capability will show you everything you need to know about the orders you are handling; volumes, top customers, keywords, statuses and conversions to name just a few.

The cornerstone of all great systems are the right checks and balances to ensure the order is accurate, with all the required information, first time and every time. No more reworking, assumptions or incorrect information.

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